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My Story


I am Sherida Bonton, a member of the Tokyo Alumnae Chapter of Delta

Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. I was made at Spelman College, Eta Kappa

Chapter and am the mother of 4. I am an advocate for physical fitness and

well-being—after all, it is one of our 5 programmatic thrusts. After my first

child, I had gained a whopping 50 lbs, weighing 175 lbs. The weight was

slowly coming off, however, I was still self conscious about what I wore to

the gym, so I started my fitness routine walking with Sorors and doing

chapter-led fitness events. The brand came about during one Zumba event as I saw myself wearing a cotton DST t-shirt. I wanted create nalia that we can wear during our fitness events that can help control our sweat and support Delta.

I had been working with my aunt on Delta products, but with the custom ideas, her license was only able to go so far. This prompted me to create a complete fitness line—paraphernalia that people could wear to events and at their leisure. It was not until later that I considered accessories to the fitness line including: water bottles, watch bands, and headbands. My goal was to create products that would look good and wear well for all Sorors... and that's Sensibly Fit!

~ Sherida Bonton


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